Leave no survivors... Except animals. Don't hurt the cute animals.


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Skullface is Back...

Trapped in a digital hellscape by terrified teens, Skullface must slash his way through the oddly familiar (yet legally distinct!) streaming service known as TERRORTUBE. Murdering his way across numerous environments and parodies of classic 1980s films, Skullface must find a way to escape TERRORTUBE and return to the real world.

Choose from one of five killer classes, each with customizable skins and distinct abilities to make murder marvelously messy. Phase through objects as a Ghost, paralyze victims as a Beast, or stick to the classics and paint the town red as a Slasher. Leave a trail of death and destruction behind in order to find a way out of this digital prison.


  • Skullface is Back & Running Rampant through TERRORTUBE
  • Unlock 36 Horrifying Killers!
  • Tons of New Puzzle Mechanics!
  • Insane Killer Abilities!
  • 25 Parody-Laced Puzzle Movies!
  • Hidden machete kills for true hardcore puzzle masterminds.
  • Over 350 masterfully hand-crafted puzzle challenges
  • Level-Up in Mini-Game Trials for Awesome Rewards!
  • Brand new 'Endless Mode' puts your skills to the ultimate test!


Featuring brand new single-step puzzle movement (don't worry there are plenty of ICE puzzles for the original Slayaway Camp diehards as well!) we've built upon the brain busting core mechanics of Slayaway Camp with even MORE slaughteriffic new additions like:

  • Crushing Crates!
  • Horrifying Hunters!
  • Shakeable Shrubbery!
  • Badass Breakable Ground!
  • F$#%!ng Floor Switches!!
  • Bodacious Boulders!
  • ...and More!

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